<b>TOKUMOCHI IN STARRY NIGHT </b><i> / Shotei Takahashi<br>c. 1936<br></br>$800

<b>TOKUMOCHI IN STARRY NIGHT </b><i> / Shotei Takahashi<br>c. 1936<br></br>$800


ARTIST: Takahashi, Hiroaki (Shotei) (1871–1945)

TITLE: Tokumochi in Starry Night

MEDIUM: Woodblock

DATE: 1936

DIMENSIONS: 10 1/4 x 7 1/8 inches

CONDITION: Excellent, no problems to note

$ 800.00

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A small cottage sits perched on top of a hill perfectly situated to take in the rising full moon and the blossoming night sky. The steps at the bottom beckon as a lone figure carrying a lit lantern makes its way to bear witness to the poetry and magic of this night. The cool light emanating from the rising moon softens the blue of the background and the bokashi, or color gradation, adds depth that leads the viewer further and further towards the moon.

 A master of prints executed in formats other than oban, Hiroaki’s design is skillfully drafted to accentuate the chuban format. It is interesting to compare this design to “Ishiyama Moon at Lake Biwa,” 1936, also featured in this exhibition. The subject appears quite similar but the tanzaku’s longer narrow format inspires the artist to explore the verticality of the landscape.

Connoisseur's Note

This woodblock print was produced by the S. Watanabe Color Print Company and was acquired by Robert O. Muller, the famed Shin Hanga collector, on his trip to Japan in the late 30s, and has never been framed or displayed. The print’s colors and condition are a testimony to the care it received.