<b>FIREFLIES AND REED </b><i> / Sozan Ito <br>c. 1920s<br><br> <B>RESERVED

<b>FIREFLIES AND REED </b><i> / Sozan Ito <br>c. 1920s<br><br> <B>RESERVED


ARTIST: Ito Sozan (1884–?)

TITLE: Fireflies and Reeds

MEDIUM: Woodblock

DATE: c. 1920s

DIMENSIONS: 15 1/2 x 6 5/8 inches

CONDITION: Excellent; minor paper residue on reverse top from original mount, otherwise in fine shape

PROVENANCE: Robert O. Muller

$ 950.00 <RESERVED>

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The canopy of night occupies this entire space. The dark background gives way to a gray that suggests a rising moon. Small yellow bursts emerge through the veil of darkness. These fireflies are masterfully positioned throughout the design to provide a sense of movement that echoes their rhythmic, flickering light. The bending reeds further advance the fireflies’ movement and disclose a night breeze.

Connoisseur's Note

This woodblock print was produced by the S. Watanabe Color Print Company and was acquired by Robert O. Muller, the famed Shin Hanga collector, on his trip to Japan in the late 30s, and has never been framed or displayed. The print’s colors and condition are a testimony to the care it received.