<b>NIGATSU TEMPLE IN NARA</b><i> / Masamoto Mori<br>1955<br><br><B>SOLD

<b>NIGATSU TEMPLE IN NARA</b><i> / Masamoto Mori<br>1955<br><br><B>SOLD


ARTIST: Masamoto Mori (b. 1912)

TITLE: Nigatsu Temple in Nara

MEDIUM: Woodblock

DATE: 1955

DIMENSIONS: 16 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches

CONDITION: Excellent; no problems to note


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In this rarely seen woodblock print from 1955, the artist Mori Masamoto, shows us the stunning view from Todai-ji, overlooking the city of Nara. As the evening descends, we share the view with two wearing pilgrims as they take stock of their long journey that concluded with the ascent up to this breathtaking view. The twinkle of city lights is visible below, moonlight floods the valley and is reflected onto the temple roof, while the lit temple lantern extends its reach further into the night air and far above it all—the light from a single star.

Connoisseur's Note

Mori Masamoto was not a prolific artist and produced only a handful of designs for a couple of publishers. The publishing house Baba Nobuhiko produced this particular print. This is the first and only state of the design; the blocks were carved by Yamaguchi and Satoh printed this impression. This work is an outstanding impression with masterful printing effects such as bokashi color gradation throughout the design. There is a wonderful sense of moonlight radiating throughout the work. Though the artist is not very well known, this particular work certainly merits attention.