<b>CROWS ON A BRANCH</b><i> / Takahashi Hiroaki Shotei<br>c.1930<br><br>$600

<b>CROWS ON A BRANCH</b><i> / Takahashi Hiroaki Shotei<br>c.1930<br><br>$600


ARTIST: Takahashi, Hiroaki (Shotei) (1871–1945)

TITLE: Crows on a Cold Night, c. 1930

MEDIUM: Woodblock

DATE: 1930

DIMENSIONS: 4 7/8 x 7 1/4 inches

CONDITION: Excellent; no problems to note

PROVENANCE: Robert O. Muller

$ 600.00

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Four crows sit perched on a bough as the light of day recedes into the background. The growing dark can be seen in the skillful bokashi, color gradation, from the top portion as the night sky trails the failing light of day. The depth of the black in the crow’s feathers further anticipates the rising night’s dark mysterious depth.

The draftsmanship of this design is masterful in its simplicity. The power lies in the contrast of the crows’ dark forms masterfully arranged against a backdrop of a sky only a woodblock print could have produced. The koban format for this print is the perfect size and works in concert with the design.

Connoisseur's Note

This woodblock print was produced by the S. Watanabe Color Print Company and was acquired by Robert O. Muller, the famed Shin Hanga collector, on his trip to Japan in the late 30s, and has never been framed or displayed. The print’s colors and condition are a testimony to the care it received.