<b>MICE RADISH AND CARROT</b><i> / Takahashi Hiroaki Shotei<br>1926<br><br>$2,500

<b>MICE RADISH AND CARROT</b><i> / Takahashi Hiroaki Shotei<br>1926<br><br>$2,500


ARTIST: Takahashi, Hiroaki (Shotei) (1871-1945)

TITLE: Mice, Radish, and Carrot

MEDIUM: Woodblock

DATE: 1926

DIMENSIONS: 10 3/8 x 15 1/4 inches

CONDITION: Excellent; pristine colors, faint wrinkling at margins

$ 2,500.00

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In an unusually playful design, Hiroaki features two very fortunate mice feasting on a rather large radish and carrot. The design features a deep black matte background which heightens the drama of the piece, animating the mice and accentuating the three-dimensionality of the composition. The artist leaves a white line around most of the compositional elements, even around the artist red seal, which emphasizes the design elements further and echoes some of the white line prints produced in Shin Hanga at this time.

As it happens, in the Chinese lunar calendar, 2020 is the year of the rat with the elemental correlation of metal. This year is associated with freedom, individuality, passionate undertakings done with assertiveness, and some risk-taking. It’s interesting to note how Hiroaki’s design seems to convey so eloquently the energetic influence of the coming year.

Connoisseur's Note

This brilliantly printed impression has razor-sharp lines and vivid colors. The design was published by Watanabe in 1926 and apparently was not produced in large quantities, as this design rarely comes up for sale. This impression comes from a private collection that was acquired directly from Watanabe and was never framed. The print’s colors and condition are a testimony to the care it received.