Waves of Renewal: Modern Japanese Prints 1900 to 1960

Waves of Renewal: Modern Japanese Prints 1900 to 1960



TITLE:  Waves of Renewal: Modern Japanese Prints 1900 to 1960

AUTHOR: Chris Uhlenbeck, Amy Newland, Maureen de Vries

PUBLISHER: Hotei Publishing

DIMENSIONS: 12 x 10 x 1 1/4 inches (hardcover)

PAGES: 318

TEXT: English

CONDITION: Excellent, unread condition

PRICE: $65.00



Waves of Renewal traces the history of Japanese printmaking following an era of decline beginning in the late 19th century. The early 20th century witnessed the emergence of two principal printmaking movements. The first—Shin Hanga (new print)—reinvented and revitalized the conventional genres of landscape, beauties, and actors. Shin Hanga adhered to a traditional production method that was based on the cooperation between artist, block-cutter, printer, and publisher. At the same time, it strove to forge a new visual language in both style and technique. The second—Sosaku Hanga (creative print)—was inspired by the dialogue between Western and Japanese art and aesthetics. In the main, Sosaku Hanga adherents advocated the participation of the artist in the entire creative process from design to production.

Waves of Renewal is the most comprehensive publication to date to focus on the holdings of the Nihon no Hanga collection in Amsterdam. The 277 prints included showcase the sophistication of Shin Hanga and the boldness of Sosaku Hanga. An introductory essay sets the stage, followed by ten shorter essays by noted scholars in the field that center on aspects integral to our understanding of early to mid-20th century Japanese printmaking. Each print is documented and annotated in the extensive catalogue section.

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